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What is a Plant Based Personal Chef?

A Plant Based Personal Chef is your answer to great tasting,  affordable, vegan meals enjoyed in the comfort of your home without the daily grind of shopping and cooking.


Want to live a Vegan Lifestyle, or just replace a few meals a week with vegan options? Don’t have time to plan, shop, cook and clean every night? Let my passion for creative vegan cooking give you time back with your family. All meals are delivered weekly to your home.


Using me as your personal chef allows you the freedom of enjoying fully vegan  meals for lunch or dinner without ever having to create a meal plan or cook food.

Packages includes a minimum of 5 meals each week of mostly organic and 100 percent vegan meals.   Foods like pizza, pasta, stir fry, lasagna, General’s Tso Cauliflower and more.  Never sacrifice flavor and taste because you have decided not to consume animals.
Personal chefs are no longer limited to the rich and famous. Seniors, working couples and dual-income families are turning to the service to ease the burden of daily cooking and, to save money.  We have a few slots open for the Chicago-land, South Suburb and NW Indiana area.   We can also provide Plant Based food for your private event!

EMail us today and get the conversation started.  [email protected]



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